Rhodes Flagging Services 

Welcome to RFS! 


At RFS we provide quality traffic maintenance at affordable prices.  All of our flaggers and traffic managers are certified through the state of Maryland and have undergone extensive

in-house training.  Our management team has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.



A list of services and prices are included below.  Give us a call today to schedule flaggers for your next project!


 Ø   Three man flagging crew  with complete set up.  Includes two flaggers, one traffic manager, all  
      signs  and cones. 
8 hour day= $750


 Ø   Schedule flaggers as needed. Includes setup of cones and signs.  $29 per hour per flagger.

Ø Lane closures and lane shifts. 8 hour day = $625

Ø Shoulder closures. 8 hour day = $400

Any hours over  8 will be billed at an overtime rate of $43.50 per hour per flagger.









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